Sinfonia Smith Square presents a magical classical music festival in Anghiari, Tuscany.

Music soars through the streets, piazzas (Mameli & Popolo), and churches (Propositura, Sovara & Carmine) of Anghiari.  Discover new chamber concerts, choral performances, and fully-fledged orchestral symphonies each day of the Anghiari Festival.

Peruse the complete concert listing and book using the event links below.

Our evening concerts are ticketed at €10.00, but there are many free events, keeping the classical music we make accessible to all.

Tickets are sold by Anghiari’s Pro Loco (Tourist Board) and can be purchased by clicking on the events at the bottom of this page.  A Festival Pass to all evening concerts can be purchased for €60.00.

All ticket income is received by the Pro Loco and Comune and covers the cost of concert-staging and hospitality for the orchestra.  Find out how to support the orchestra’s Anghiari costs on our Support Us page.

Should you need any help with tickets, please do not hesitate to contact us using the Contact Us box below.