My knowledge of folk music before starting this project consisted of a vague memory of watching a Morris group when I was small and half-hearted introductions to folk music at school.

I had no idea who ‘The Collectors’ were, or why they were the title of our upcoming folk-infused #ConcertLab. In short, my view of this whole other musical world was somewhat narrow, and, to nobody’s surprise other than mine, there’s a lot more to folk music than that.

But I hear you cry: how do we turn 33 modern classical musicians playing orchestral instruments into folk music aficionados (and also enjoy the process along the way)? The answer: you give them Sam Sweeney and Rob Harbron as tutors, and magic will happen. Sam Sweeney and Rob Harbron make up two-thirds of the band Leveret, in addition to being skilled folk musicians (or ‘folkies’ as they would say) in their own right. Sam plays the fiddle, and Rob plays the concertina (a small squeeze-box instrument). We met them for the first time in October of last year.