Support the talents of our musicians.

We believe every promising musician should have the opportunity to benefit from our Fellowship programme, regardless of their background or financial circumstance. That’s why it’s free to audition for Sinfonia Smith Square, and each player receives a tax-free bursary of £10,000 to participate.

This initiative is made possible through the generous support of close friends and benefactors, who sponsor our musicians.

Each year, we fundraise £25,000 for each musician to take part in the programme. Of this, £10,000 is paid directly to the musician as their tax-free bursary. The remaining £15,000, is raised to deliver the unique programme of activities we organise for their development.

Sponsoring one of our musicians offers the opportunity to be a close part of their musical adventure with us and makes a lasting investment in their future – a future that could go on to inspire 1,000s of others.

Our 650 alumni can be found around the world in leading orchestras and acclaimed chamber ensembles, as inspiring music educators, and pioneers of their own entrepreneurial musical ventures. Many of our sponsors create life-long relationships with our musicians and follow their progress, knowing that they have played a vital part in their lives.

When matching players and sponsors, we take time to get to know both sides; we want all to have the best possible experience across the Fellowship year. Once matched, we connect both sides to meet at the earliest opportunity and help to ensure a close relationship throughout the year.

We welcome all interest in sponsoring a player. Some sponsors fund the entire programme cost or the complete bursary, and others sponsor part of the bursary, sometimes creating consortiums that group together.

We are immensely grateful to all who would like to invest in our musicians and the life-changing programme we create for them.