GRAND SYMPHONIC WINDS USA is recognized as one of the most well-respected civic wind ensembles locally, nationally and internationally. The ensemble is comprised of music teachers and professional musicians, but members also come from across a wide spectrum of careers such as engineers, physicians, lawyers, publishers – to name a few. GSW is governed by a board of directors comprised of band members and outside volunteers.

Known for performing unique and meaningful literature, GSW performances both entertain and educate audiences and broaden their musical horizons. GSW provides an excellent means to hear music recently composed from around the world. Composers frequently work with GSW and often conduct their own work. Composers and conductors who have collaborated with GSW include Dario Sotelo, Ralph Hultgren, Guy Woolfenden, Nigel Clarke, Martin Ellerby, Jim Stephenson, Felix Hauswirth, Joseph Cheung, Keith Allen, Luis Serrano Alarcón, Kenneth Hesketh, Luis Nani, Chen Qian, Rolf Rudin, and Rafael Sanz Espert.