Do you remember the first piece of music that changed your life? That piece you stumbled upon, somewhere in a parent’s record collection, on a weary car radio, or in the depths of a YouTube playlist? And how, every time that you return to that piece, a whole world of memories are re-awakened? They cease to become just songs or movements: they’re a part of you, a bookmark in the story of your life.

In this concert, Sinfonia Smith Square’s 34 musicians present the pieces that form their stories – the collected scraps of music that ignited their involvement in the orchestral world. Join us for an evening where each performance becomes a window into the hearts and minds of our musicians, as they share the works that have shaped their musical paths. From childhood memories, to lost loves, to triumphant victories, these pieces are woven into the fabric of their lives.

Perhaps they’ll become part of yours.