I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love the sound of a symphony orchestra. Coming from a musical family, music was regularly played at home, in cars, at concerts, everywhere! It seems inevitable that it would form a huge part of my life. I think I was around 5 years old when I got given my first CD for Christmas which was the soundtrack to the Lion King. I immediately fell in love with music and wanted to either listen to it all the time or watch the film and listen out for my favourite tracks!

I started learning the Violin aged 8. My choice of instrument was motivated by the fact that the string instruments were offered to younger years first and I was desperate to play! If we wanted to play one of the “cooler” instruments such as a saxophone or trumpet, we had to wait at least a year if not two. That, and my perception of the violins getting all the best tunes.

I didn’t truly consider playing the violin as a career path until I joined the Edinburgh Youth Orchestra during High School. A couple of highlight courses for me included my very first with them, performing Mahler’s Titanic first symphony, and also my last, featuring my future teacher Jack Liebeck performing Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto – a piece I would later study with him at the Royal Academy of Music for my Masters degree.

I moved to Cardiff to begin my undergraduate studies at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama where I studied with Darragh Morgan. It was here I discovered a real passion for chamber music, receiving coaching from many world class ensembles such as the Emerson Quartet, Elias Quartet, Fidelio Trio and Gould Piano Trio. As part of my string quartet there I was awarded the Bridgewood and Nietzert string quartet prize. Having quite a small string department meant there were always plenty of projects to play in and I managed to play in ensembles from every genre and combination imaginable, from early music Viol consorts to a symphonic concert of music from James Bond! This project I have particularly fond memories of due to my love of film music.

I was extremely fortunate after my time in Wales to be offered a full scholarship to study with Dr Walter Verdehr for an Artist Diploma at Michigan State University. I loved my time in America! There are a lot of differences in approaches to playing and I relished being taken so far out of my comfort zone. I also loved being in another country and took every opportunity when I wasn’t locked in a practice room to travel around. Chicago has now become one of my favourite cities and the ‘Sleeping Bear’ Dunes in northern Michigan are majestic! I highly recommend a visit!

Since finishing my Masters in London, I have been freelancing in various ensembles including the European Union Chamber Orchestra, leading the Orion orchestra and most recently on the UK and Ireland tour of Les Miserables – a truly special show for me as I played Gavroche as a child in the local school production and am beyond thrilled to have now played in the orchestra! I can’t wait to see where my musical journey will lead next.


Royal Academy of Music
London, UK

Michigan State University
Michigan, USA

Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama
Cardiff, Wales


Where’s your favourite place to listen to music and why?

On long beach walks in the town where I grew up in Scotland. The landscape seems to lend itself to whatever I’m listening to, and everything seems so much more engaging.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us.

I’m also a qualified sailing instructor.