I first started learning the double bass when I was twelve. My initial idea was to play cello but after meeting my soon to be bass teacher, I rapidly changed my mind. With his long white beard, white hair, calm manner, and a mix of Plato`s looks and Gatsby’s demeanour, what’s not to like?!

My parents always encouraged me to follow my passions and helped me as best as they could. I left my parents’ home at the age of eighteen to study for my bachelor’s degree. Although I love my parents and we have an amazing relationship, I cannot emphasize how important it was to my personal development to live alone as it developed my sense of agency and entrepreneurship.


Escuela Superior de Música
Madrid, Spain

Guildhall School of Music and Drama
London, UK

Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa
Lisbon, Portugal


What’s your most memorable moment as a musician?

Funny enough the most memorable moment I have has nothing to do with any significant achievement career wise. I just really remember my grandmother (who couldn’t read or write, and never had access to “Classical Music”) coming to me after my first solo recital and saying: “You´re really good ! I know nothing about music, but you are very special!”
I am sure everyone´s grandma thinks they’re special, but for me her acceptance was of particular significance. I am very intense as a player and very calm as a person, so my family are shocked when they see me play because they say I am a different person!

Where’s your favourite place to listen to music and why?

I really enjoy listening to music alone and if possible, on a sunny day surrounded by nature. I also feel at ease when listening to music at home on dark and rainy days like those only London can offer. Why? I really like to be focused when listening to music, to either really “hear” what I am listening to, or to be free to daydream with background music.