I have a vivid memory of my first music performance – singing The Bear Necessities at school. I forgot the lyrics at one point and insisted that we start again from the top, so even at that stage, I was taking music fairly seriously. Singing was the main focus for me and I was lucky to be at a school which had a brilliant music department and a very busy choir. When my voice broke and singing became more difficult the clarinet naturally took over and became something I really loved, with the invaluable help of my teacher David Fuest and my mum who also played the clarinet.

When I was at the Royal Academy of Music I was involved in many exciting projects and had the chance to play with the Philharmonia, the London Chamber Orchestra and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra. At the Academy, I recorded Stravinsky’s Soldier’s Tale under Oliver Knussen, a favourite piece of mine, and played the Brahms clarinet quintet with Maxime Vengerov. I also did a lot of bass clarinet playing as it has always been a sound which I have been drawn to. A very fond memory of mine is the last concert I did at the Academy which was Mahler’s Symphony No.2 under Semyon Bychkov. I was on bass clarinet which is a relatively quiet part except for a beautiful solo with cor anglais in the first movement. The piece is incredibly moving and it was a great way to finish.

Outside music, I am a huge rugby union fan and am always in awe of the All Blacks when they play. I also enjoy playing tennis and being on trains with a book.


Royal Academy of Music
London, UK


Scordatura Women’s Music Collective
Ensemble X.Y
Shadwell Opera


What is your favourite piece of music, and why do you love it?

Music for 18 Musicians
. It was the first piece of “classical” music I could really connect with. I love the rhythmic drive of it and the harmony is so heart warming. My teacher at school actually organised a performance of it and we ended up playing it to Steve Reich himself!

What do you do with your time when you’re not playing music?
I watch a lot of Netflix – was a huge Breaking Bad fan and am now getting in to Better Call Saul – but I try to be active and I enjoy running and tennis. I also love catching up with friends over a pint.