At just two years old I decided I was going to play the violin in an orchestra. I had spent most of my life, at that point, in the theatre due to my parents work, and was finally able to peer into the orchestra pit, with some help admittedly. My parents, not convinced by my enthusiastic “Mami, ‘ora Geige ‘pielen” (Meaning “Mom, Cora wants to play violin” in toddler language), needed constant pestering until they allowed me my first lesson at the age of four.

In 2014 I achieved my bachelor’s at the University “Mozarteum” in Salzburg. For my postgraduate studies I moved to London, where I got accepted into Guildhall School of Music and Drama and awarded with my Master of Performance in 2016 and my Artist Diploma in 2018.

Chamber music, in all its forms was always present throughout my life and it is something I very much enjoy. There is a special happiness that comes from sharing what you love with people who do as well and create something even more exciting. I have seen many times how music can help people who are struggling, be it as a player or a listener, to overcome their own inner hurdles and it is something I want to help pass along. My violin and my music was and is always my refuge, especially in tough times. It helps sooth my inner turmoil and gives me clarity in my thoughts. I want to help heal and spread the joy and happiness that comes from listening and playing music.

This is something I would like to give to other people, especially to the next generation!

In my free time I love to travel, explore new cultures and discover their cuisine. I rarely ever say no to a good book or a good movie and do enjoy the occasional dabbling in writing.


Guildhall School of Music and Drama
London, UK

University Mozarteum
Salzburg, Austria

Quickfire Questions

What do you do with your time when you’re not playing music?
I like to spend time reading, watching a TV show and playing with my four cats. When my husband`s day off matches mine we like to go out with friends to escape rooms or a lovely dinner. I also always plan our next vacation and what we can explore there.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us.
I really love Mangas, Animes and the Cosplay of it. Especially a series called One Piece;. I have been reading it for the past 18 years (it’s still ongoing).

Cora is a member of the 2020-2021 fellowship.