David started playing the cornet in the Salvation Army from an early age before becoming principal trumpet of both Hertfordshire County Brass and the English Schools Orchestra. In 2005 he was a winner of the Band of her Majesty’s Welsh Guards soloist competition playing Goedicke’s Concert Study and the following year began his studies at Trinity College of Music where he graduated with a first class degree.

David then went to the Royal Academy of Music to study with the late James Watson, Mark David, Rod Franks and Robert Farley for a Master of Arts Postgraduate degree. This was with the help from the Philharmonia Orchestra Martin Musical Scholarship Fund.

David has performed with many orchestras most notably with the Young Musician’s Symphony Orchestra and has been Principal Trumpet with the World Youth Orchestra as well as off-stage trumpet with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

David is an enthusiastic chamber musician – he is a member of a brass quintet that performs regularly at the BBC ‘Good Food’ shows, and his chamber playing has taken him as far afield as Denmark to perform at the 2010 Aalborg Brass Band Festival.


Royal Academy of Music
London, UK

Trinity College of Music
London, UK

Quickfire Questions

If you were going to be sent to a desert island, which three items would you take with you?
Obviously my trumpet, my iPad which has a lot of sheet music on it and my watch. I can spend time productively with the trumpet, unproductively with the iPad and watch it go by with the watch.

Which three people, living or dead, would you most like to have dinner with and why?
James Watson. It would be great to see Professor Watson again, to hear his many funny and educational stories on life and trumpet matters. George Lucas, to ask him all things Star Wars and the possibility of being an extra in the next film. Steve Jobs. To find out how he makes me buy every Apple product I can and can’t afford…