Born in Slough in 1988, Douglas started learning the violin aged five with Elaine Bonner and her violin group Jordan Junior Strings. In 1998 Douglas won a place to the Yehudi Menuhin School in Cobham where he studied for a short while with Natasha Boyarsky, before changing to Simon Fischer for the bulk of his studies there.

Following his graduation, Douglas moved to the Royal College of Music in London where he studied with Berent Korfker thanks to the kind support of a Winifred Law Award and the St Marylebone Foundation. During his studies he had the privilege to have had masterclasses with Zackhar Bron, Zsolt Tihamer Visontay and Emmanuel Hurwitz among others. He has performed chamber works in the Wigmore hall, with the Philharmonia Orchestra in the Festival hall and at Buckingham Palace, and has recently occupied one of the violin chairs at the National Theatre for their musical The Light Princess.


What inspired you to become a professional musician?
I was about four when I first wanted to play music; neither of my parents are musicians although they both enjoy it. I heard violins on the TV – we had a video of Nigel Kennedy playing the Four Seasons – and I nagged my parents until they let me have lessons!

If you weren’t a musicians what would you be?
I always change my mind about this. In the summer it would be nice to be a gardener, or perhaps a joiner, or a chef. I like things that keep my mind and body active.