Essi began her violin studies at the age of six in Finland and was selected as a soloist with Kymi Sinfonietta for their Young Soloist Concert in 2003, 2007 and 2011. Essi later moved to London to continue her studies with a master’s degree at the Royal College of Music.

In spring 2015, Essi was part of a unique team creating a new kind of live art form using orchestral music, theatre, dance, visual arts and digital technologies. This multi-disciplinary performance project was premiered at the Britten Theatre in London as part of the Royal College of Music’s Great Exhibitionists series and the Network Performing Arts Production Workshop 2015.

Essi currently performs regularly with pianist and composer Eduardo Andrade and together they form Aeon Duo, performing in England, Scotland, Mexico and Finland.

Essi dedicates much of her time to teaching and what she loves most about being a musician is the ability to do so many different things and reach so many people, young and old. Essi loves all styles of music from classical to pop, regularly performing within other genres. Since summer 2015, Essi has been a member of hiphopera band Josephine and the Artizans.


What or who inspired you to become a professional musician?
The choice to become a professional musician wasn’t always the obvious one. In my childhood, sports and music were always in an equal place – musical primary school, sports orientated middle school. To make it even more confusing, my bachelor’s degree is in Political Science. However I have always loved music and the older I got, the bigger place it took in my life.

What’s on your playlist right now?
I have multiple playlists depending on what mood I am in but my latest favourite is the second movement of Sibelius Symphony No.3. I went to listen to this symphony played by Berlin Philharmonic without ever hearing it before and it has been one of my most memorable classical music concert experiences.

Tell us something about yourself that might surprise us
When my parents asked me if I wanted to start learning an instrument, I was struggling to decide between a violin and an accordion. Fortunately in the end I have been able to learn both and I still have an accordion in Finland that I love to take out every now and then when I visit my parents.