I was always surrounded by music and the arts; I am the youngest of four musicians and our father was a musician and my mother an artist. It was only a matter of time that I would take up an instrument too, so I took up three in one go! I picked up the horn, violin and piano at the age of nine when I began prep school.

A couple of years later I decided to take my studies further by going to the Purcell School of Music where I also was a member of the National Youth Orchestra for three years. It became very clear that horn was my passion and therefore it left me little room to nurture my other instruments.

In 2011 I took up my undergraduate studies at the Royal College of Music and continued to do my masters there in 2015. I have always wanted to be in a professional orchestra and whilst there I was able to build up my freelance scene, working with orchestras such as the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, Philharmonia Orchestra and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

I was invited out to perform in Mumbai a few years ago and ever since I have been going back, hungry for more travelling. I love to experience culture and history from other countries and I am extremely passionate about authentic food. I love to cook or settle in for the evening reading a good cookbook, often by Rick Stein or Ina Garten. My other hobbies include hiking, rock climbing and mountain climbing.


Royal College of Music
London, UK


What do you love about classical music?
I love the expression in classical music; the individual and personal interpretation each musician can bring to a piece. I love how without a written description a listener can identify with classical music so effortlessly.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us
I was on a TV series for six weeks when I was five years old.