My obsession with the violin started in Tunisia when I was little. I saw an ensemble playing traditional Arabic music using violins, piano, and percussion instruments, and pointed at a violin saying I wanted it. Then, when I was six years old, we moved to Poland and in my new nursery I made a friend who played the violin, and I used this argument to convince my mum to get me violin lessons.

After learning music for 12 years in Polish music schools, I decided to apply to the Royal Academy of Music. I was offered a place on the spot and it has become my most important moment so far as I had never imagined getting to that point before. The Academy gave me many opportunities to develop my orchestral and chamber music skills and I am grateful to my teacher for the patience he showed me and knowledge he gave me.

After finishing studying, I was fortunate to get professional work in London and it has been very satisfying to play with major UK orchestras in the last year. I am enjoying the feeling of accomplishment and regular performances. It is something that keeps me motivated to practice and express myself.

Music is an important part of me, it brings me joy and it calms me down. When teaching, I try to show my students the value of music and what it can bring into our lives. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with people and I am happy to be doing exactly that with Southbank Sinfonia from September.

In my leisure time, I enjoy learning new things, especially languages. I grew up surrounded by three languages and in a country that isn’t a homeland to either of my parents. Through languages, I discover new music, cultures, and traditions that enrich my life. I also love cooking and baking for my friends which is a perfect excuse to spend more time with them. Apart from that you can find me wandering around London for hours and discovering new hot chocolate places.


Royal Academy of Music
London, UK


What is your favourite piece of music and why do you love it?

So far, I haven’t found a piece that beats Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’. It is my favourite piece because it depicts a whole range of emotions and I can always listen to it, whatever mood I’m in and whatever feelings I’m going through.

Where’s your favourite place to listen to music and why?

In my living room. Outside my living room’s window there’s a tall tree and I love listening to music while looking at it. This setting reminds me of the place where I grew up.