I started my musical life with piano lessons in New York, aged 8. Although there are no professional musicians in my family (my mum can’t carry a tune!), my dad enjoys playing piano and guitar, so got my sister and I started with music lessons quite early on. After a couple of months, we moved to the UK and within 2 years my new teacher was encouraging me to start a second instrument. She also taught bassoon, but the head of music at school pulled a horn out of the store cupboard that hadn’t been touched in a few years. I went for a lesson with a local brass teacher and haven’t looked back.

Although I enjoyed playing the horn in ensembles throughout my school year, I didn’t decide to pursue music seriously until my sixth form years, when I gained a place at the Junior Royal Academy and in the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain. My mind was set on going to university to study sciences, but these two opportunities opened my eyes to the possibility of making music more than just a hobby. I ended up applying to study music at university as well as music college, and by the time university interviews rolled around, all I wanted to do was play. I started my undergraduate degree at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in September 2017 and stayed for a one-year Master’s degree as well. Some highlights from my time at Guildhall include concerts in the Barbican with the symphony orchestra, playing in the annual Chamber Music Festival, and a performance of Stravinsky’s Pulcinella in October 2020, the first orchestral concert I was a part of after the Covid-19 pandemic.

I found studying during the pandemic really challenging, particularly during the strict lockdowns of summer 2020 and winter 2021. I found it hard to motivate myself, with so much uncertainty about the future of the industry. It’s been amazing to be a part of the resurgence of live music this season, and all that time spent in my parents’ front room playing into a camera has made me even more grateful for the opportunities I’ve had this year and made me realise how much being a musician means to me. I have been fortunate to have played with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, London Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra, and Britten Sinfonia in the last year.

Outside of music I’m a big sports fan, whether it’s NFL football, basketball, soccer, cricket, golf… the list goes on! My dad grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, so has passed on his super fandom of their sports teams to me. I’m a big foodie as well, so living in London for the last 5 years has been a dream!


Guildhall School of Music and Drama
London, UK


How would you persuade someone who has never heard ‘classical music’ before to come with you to a concert?

Classical music can often be seen as quite daunting for someone who was not heard it before, but I think one of its merits is the amazing variety in the world of classical music. It has the ability to elicit any emotion, and the sense of community you get from being an audience member at an orchestral concert is really special.

Where’s your favourite place to listen to music and why?

Quite simply, when I’m walking around London, whether it’s during my commute or for leisure. It allows me to escape (ever so briefly) from the hustle and bustle of the city!