I started the violin at the age of six as a hobby and soon realised that I was becoming very interested in communicating and making harmony with other people. This resulted in more serious music education and I went to the best specialised music school, Yewon School and Seoul Art High school, in Korea.

Following my graduation, I decided to extend my education in the centre of classical music: Europe. I started my undergraduate study at the University of Music, Vienna where I met friends from all over the world, sharing cultural differences, various ideas and experiences.

Vienna is famous for its conservative atmosphere and long tradition and after four years there, I decided to begin a new chapter of my life in London. In contrast with Vienna, London is multi-dimensional, having both tradition and avant-garde trends. London is the leader of many aspects such as finance, fashion and art as well as music, and it was my great wish to come and study here.
London has one of the biggest classical music festivals, the Proms, and has world-class concerts in
diverse concert halls, demonstrating the Londoners’ love for classical music. This creates an atmosphere which impresses me very much and I love to be involved. I was therefore very happy studying at the Royal College of Music, where I had many chances to improve as a maturing musician, with a great number of concert opportunities, fantastic professors and many highly talented friends from all over the world. In my final term there, I performed at Buckingham Palace in a gorgeous concert that was both inspiring and exciting for me as a performer, and I am very grateful for this experience from my college.
In 2016 and 2017, I was a violinist in Verbier Festival Orchestra and Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra, which both improved my skills a great deal and gave me the chance to learn an amazing level of classical and contemporary music.

I am particularly passionate about contemporary music, and I enjoy working with composers to create new projects which introduce their music to a new audience. I am very interested in curating projects where the audience, player and composer work together cohesively.


Royal College of Music
London, UK

Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien
Vienna, Austria


What do you do with your time when you’re not playing music?
Reading books and watching movies. These two things are the things I love to do the most! They are how I find motivation and inspiration.

What do you love about classical music?
What I love most about music is imagination. There are various kinds of arts, but only music is invisible art. People can only enjoy this art by listening, which might make it harder to understand and accept than other art, but it makes people think and imagine. I love this about it. It means that music is not only impressing people, but inspiring them to think themselves.