When I was four, my father received a violin as a gift from his colleague. I tried very hard to imitate violinist movements every day and never got tired of it. However, after a few weeks of making scratchy sound from open strings, I asked my parents if I could learn how to play the violin. I started attending musicianship classes and violin group lessons, and subsequently, I received private lessons with different teachers only as an activity outside my normal school life. I never thought of becoming a professional violinist until I was 18 when I had to choose my university and my major.

Back then I was thinking of taking a double major in Geography (or Earth Science) and Music, but my violin teacher suggested that if I wanted to keep polishing my performance skills then probably entering a conservatoire would be a better choice. I decided that doing what I like and what I am good at as my future career would be a better option, so I chose to do my undergraduate at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and to become a professional musician. I was lucky to have supportive parents who were happy for me with my choice.

In those years at the Academy, I felt very happy and fulfilled when I played with a group of people who shared the same goal and attitude in music making. Since then I have become determined to be a professional ensemble player. After graduating from the Academy in Hong Kong, I started my postgraduate studies at Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where I met many amazing musicians and teachers. During those two years in London, I was surrounded by lots of talented and nice people and I was lucky to be offered many opportunities. With their advice and guidance, I am now more confident and much more committed to music making.

Conservatoire life can be exhausting as so many things happen at the same time and thus taking good care of oneself can be difficult sometimes. Therefore, I like cooking for my friends and reading books about aromatherapy in my free time. I also love walking in a garden when the weather is nice. Hiking is another thing that I enjoyed doing while I was in Hong Kong.


Guildhall School of Music and Drama
London, UK

Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Hong Kong


What is your favourite piece of music and why do you love it?
Mozart’s Piano Concerto No.23, because it makes me happy whenever I’m feeling down.

What’s on your playlist right now?
Eagles’ Hell Freezes Over album.