Unsure of what to give me for Christmas when I was six, my grandad bought a violin on somewhat of a whim. It’s fair to say from that moment on, I was hooked. Although I did not come from a family of musicians, I was still immersed in a wide range of music from an early age, from my grandparent’s Irish roots, to my mother’s love of Pink Floyd and Simon and Garfunkel.

Seeing my enthusiasm for the instrument and my passion for music, my parents encouraged me to audition for Chetham’s School of music, where I joined at the age of 8. I then moved to London to study at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where I was lucky enough to not only have incredible experiences, such as playing alongside the Australian Chamber Orchestra, but to also meet amazing musicians, who are now not only my colleagues but lifelong friends.

I always found playing in ensembles, big or small, the most exciting element of my studies and music making. Since graduating I have focused my energy into this, and I now enjoy working professionally with various ensembles across the UK. Alongside my classical work, I am also a member of a sea shanty band, The Mead Men, as well as a new music group, called The Listening Project. Formed in conjunction fellow recent London conservatoire alumni, we focus on performing contemporary works, ranging from classical, jazz and electronic music, to new arrangements of Radiohead and Kate Bush.

Music for me was always an escape; a way of expressing myself and my emotions in a way words could not. I have seen the life changing effect music can have on people through outreach work and personal experience and it is an honour and privilege for me to share this and call it my job.

Aside from music and performing, I started taking an adult Ballet class around 6 months ago and this has become my new favourite hobby! I also enjoy cooking, running and reading, particularly American literature such as Steinbeck and the Beat Generation.


Guildhall School of Music and Drama
London, UK


The Listening Project


What is your favourite piece of music and why do you love it?

It is almost impossible to pick just one piece of music as a favourite, as I love so many different pieces for equally as many different reasons. One piece that will always hold a special place for me, however, is Schoenberg’s Verklärte Nacht. During my master’s degree at Guildhall, I was given the incredible opportunity to perform this piece in a side-by-side project with the Australian Chamber Orchestra. For me this piece is the epitome of pure, overwhelming emotion and the memory of performing it with such inspirational and incredible musicians will always stay with me.

How would you persuade someone who has never heard ‘classical music’ before to come with you to a concert?

Classical music is such a diverse genre that there really is something for everyone. If I was trying to persuade a friend to go to a concert with me, I would explain that I wanted them to experience the thrill and sensation of watching live musicians perform together. The power of a live orchestra or chamber group is something I think everyone should have a chance to witness.