I first started learning the bass at my primary school in Australia when I was 10 years old. Although I requested to learn the violin, as the tallest of my classmates my teacher quickly introduced me to the tallest of violins, and I’ve never looked back.

I grew up doing as many orchestras as possible, spending 8 years with the Queensland Youth Orchestra and eventually playing with the Australian Youth Orchestras. I also did as many amateur orchestras as I could, throughly enjoying the relaxed yet motivated atmosphere and company. Between this and school ensembles I often ended up at 7+ rehearsals a week (and my poor parents with a new full time job driving me around), but by the end of high school I knew music was where I wanted to be.

I went on to do my Bachelor of Music Performance in Brisbane at the Queensland Conservatorium, and upon completion moved to London to continue studying, doing my masters at Guildhall in Orchestral Artistry. I feel very fortunate that my Masters allowed me to get to know some of the LSO (London Symphony Orchestra) players and watch/play in some of the rehearsals. The amount I have learn by being surrounded by such amazing professionals, and peers at Guildhall, has been phenomenal.

In what little free time I find, I enjoy being outside as much as possible, whether hiking, cycling or swimming at the beach (although maybe not UK beaches!).