When I was little, I started to bash out simple tunes on any instruments I could reach. At the age of 8, my mum brought me to a music learning centre, I chose the violin because it was cheaper than the piano (only at the beginning I realised in the future!!) and easy to bring to everywhere.

I’ve always been in normal schools, where not many of the children were playing music ‘seriously’ around me. Things changed in high school. I joined a string ensemble at school, where we played some great repertoire and got masterclasses/coachings from international musicians. I’ve never had the feeling of gaining that much enjoyment and excitement from doing anything. At the age of seventeen, I realised I need to be professional in order to do the things I want/care/like, I started to study with a professor in Shanghai.

I moved to London at 22 for my master study at the Royal Academy of Music. I’m surrounded by brilliant people, and I’m getting more and more sure of what way I want to make my music and what kind of musician I want to be through communicating with them. I’m the founder member of Asaka quartet, a young quartet which was born in the autumn of 2021. I found nothing is more difficult but interesting than being in a quartet until now in my life. By working with people closely and intensively, I’ve learned so many things that teachers and schools aren’t able to teach me: in general, music is the art which is built on human’s expressions and communications, at any point I can not forget it serves humanity and it can’t be done without others. That’s also one of the reasons of why did I apply for Southbank Sinfonia.

The other important part of my music life is historical performance, I started touching the baroque violin in the same year with I got into RAM. Gut strings brought me the biggest inspiration ever for my playing.

Outside the music world, you’ll probably find me reading/writing in nice cafes around London. And I’m eager to be able to take care of myself and a bunny (preferably a Netherland Dwarf species!) at the same time.