I was first introduced to the violin in primary school learning in whole class music lessons aged about 9 or 10, and for my first two years I went to the Tower Hamlets music service every Saturday for ensemble classes I was largely self taught, playing the violin was very much an outlet for me to deal with bullying in school and come to terms with strong emotions. I finally at age 11 asked my mum to find me a violin teacher for proper lessons after I was involved in playing at the London Olympic opening ceremony with other east London borough children alongside LSO members, and had the chance to record Elgar at Abbey Road. For me the ability to perform in a concert that would be broadcast to millions of people worldwide and record in such a historic venue had my mind set on pursuing a career as an orchestral musician for the rest of my life.

At age 14 I gained a place at the Purcell school for young musicians and perhaps had the happiest 4 years of my life, I was finally in an environment surrounded by other people like me where I wasn’t the odd one out! It was also nice to get away from the Concrete Jungle (London) as it was a boarding school. During my time at the school, I had regular performance opportunities with the Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, chamber ensembles, and solo, covering a wide range of repertoire and absorbing as much as possible. Notable highlights were performing recitals at Wigmore Hall and Milton Court. I also took part in London Schools Symphony Orchestra doing several concerts at the Barbican and going on tour as well.

My exposure to the profession came as soon as I started at the Royal College of Music where I threw myself into freelancing instantly, doing as many gigs as possible trying to find where my interests lay in most. Coupled with extensive orchestral training at the College and the ability to work with internationally renowned conductors, I soon discovered that it was performing Opera Music where I was happiest. A particular piece that inspired me was Hansel and Gretel by Humperdinck, as I was Concertmaster in RCM’s production, and it was amazing to be making music on such a grand scale. Finally, outside of music my favourite thing to do is watch football, I’m a fanatical Millwall fan and have a Season Ticket. I particularly enjoy Away days as I get to go across the country doing what I love.